Medical flax wool

Medical flax wool Medical flax wool

Our high quality medical hydroscopic flax wool sets itself apart from cotton counterparts by increased absorbing capacity and skin-friendliness. The manufacturing procedures we apply enable the flax fibre to retain its natural antibacterial properties and hypoallergenicity.

Material: 100% flax

The product meets the Russian and European quality requirements and is covered by the RF and the EU certificates of conformance. We operate a quality management system certified by ISO 13485 Medical Equipment.

We ship this premium quality individually packed product in corrugated boxes.

Our packaging solutions can be tailored to the needs of customer, retail chain, chemist’s shop, etc.

Maximum scope of shipment: 100 tons per month.


  • 50% higher absorbing capacity than cotton counterparts
  • extensive antimicrobial activity: natural bactericidal action retained by the product due to low-impact bleaching technologies
  • better bleeding arrest: flax wound dressings tend to stop bleeding faster without sticking to wound surface and at the same time preventing wound suppuration and bacterial risk
  • hypoallergenicity
  • skin-friendliness
  • 100% flax
  • domestic raw materials
  • chlorine-free bleaching
  • competitive prices