About us

APK Vologodchina was established in 2008 as an innovative business designed to serve the needs of agriculture and consumer industry. With experience in designing and operating the advanced flax processing technologies, we specialize in converting flax into medical, textile and chemical products. The first in our tested range of innovative products is medical flax wool which is pure flax, absolutely inclusion-free and boasts a performance better than that of its cotton counterparts.

Our plan is also to launch production of nanotechnology-based flax medical goods, with focus on high density nonwovens, proofed and non-proofed, for pharmaceutical market (regeneration-facilitating and protective disposable drapes/sheets, bandages, clothing, underpads, first aid dressing packages, etc. used in operating rooms, hospitals or nursing homes); and cosmetic products market (cotton pads, cosmetic packs, disposable nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers, diapers and other mass consumption products).

In cooperation with the leading Russian and European researchers, we seek to design technologies to make 100% flax atraumatic dressings and surgical suture.

As the technology we were testing to process rough flax into wool involves a stage with flax pulp as its product, there is a potential for obtaining pulp conversion products, such as ethers.

The by-products and derivatives, and among them shives, that result from flax fibre processing and core operational procedures, are widely used by manufacturers of composite materials.

All the production technologies we apply or consider for application involve low-impact bleaching so as to ensure that the final product retains all the natural properties of flax.


Last news

Facts from history

  • Gründung der Firma „Agroindustrielle Korporation „Wologodtschina“.

  • Das Unternehmen APK Vologodchina erhält das Internationale Zertifikat für das Qualitätsmanagement, erhöht die Produktionsleistungen, arbeitet an neuen Projekten, arbeitet mit europäischen Partnern zusammen, um in den internationalen Markt der medizinischen Produkte einsteigen zu können.

  • Fortsetzung der Rekonstruktion der Flachsbearbeitungsfabrik. Erwerb einer Produktionslinie zur Verarbeitung vom Flachsstroh in kurze Flachsfaser sowie der Anlagen zur Herstellung vom Flachsgranulat – Pellets – der umweltfreundlichen Haustiereinstreu. Die Pellets werden aus Produktionsabfällen nach der Aufbereitung vom Flachsstroh hergestellt.